How to let side menu overlay the main menu (instead of pushing it away)

Hi Guys, I’ve been doing some basic css so far. But I am getting stuck with a problem which I cannot find the solution for myself, I was hoping someone would maybe know the answer?

When you have the Inspiro Theme installed, you have the option to click on the hamburger menu, when you click on this, the side menu will push the main menu away.

Is there a possibility to let the side menu overlay the main menu, instead of pushing it away?

My website :

Example video (1st is the problem, 2nd is the solution ) : LINK

Hopefully someone can help me out.

Thank you! :smile:

@Bren_Brinkman Hi,

You can do that by adding this custom CSS code in the Customizer:

.side-nav-open .site {
    z-index: 10;
    transform: none;

.side-nav__close-button {
    display: block;

.side-nav__wrap {
    padding: 16px 19px;