ADA Compliance for CSS to Update Light Gray Text in Date, Written By, Tags, etc. (Foodica Lite)

Hello! I am trying to make my site ADA compliant for those with disabilities. Can anyone help me with some CSS to darken the light gray text throughout my home page and post pages? Is there a way to do it universally since I’m on the free theme?

I am using Foodica Lite and the light gray is such low contrast. I have tried to educate myself on CSS and also searched for code to try. I’ve had some luck! But still need the “by” in the byline of all the home page posts to update to a darker color. And some other things - like does anyone know what this means regarding the search box - “Missing form label
A form control does not have a corresponding label.”

I’d be so grateful for any help! Thanks for your time!
Kate / ToddlerMealTips