Add reCAPTCHA to Contact Us page


I am using the VideoZoom theme for a few of our (just started) websites. I want to add recaptcha to the websites. Can someone help me with this since I’m fairly new with customizing websites?

The first website I want to add recaptcha to is ( Once you get to the website, you can click on “Contact Us” up top then scroll down to the contact us form where the recaptcha should be located. Once I see how this is done, then hopefully I will be able to add it to our other websites. Thanks for your time and be safe!!


Hi, @robbettis81

Since you’re using Contact Form 7 on your website, here’s what they recommend for integrating reCAPTCHA:

Hi ina

Thanks for the response! I’ll check that out and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again and stay safe…