Best way to move WPZoom & Elementor from Staging workspace to live

Hi folks. I am using the Inspiro Pro theme and building with the Elementor integration (I’ll say that so far, I’ve had a fantastic experience and am super impressed with the quality).

What’s the most effective procedure for moving a newly developed website from a staging area to go live? Obviously, there’s the Wordpress import/export tools, along with Elementor’s import/export kit process. Often times, the order of operations makes a huge difference because of how the plugins create DBs and such, and certain tools don’t always grab all the goodies you want (or would duplicate them).

For example:

  1. Install WP on live server
  2. Install Inspiro Pro WPZoom theme
  3. Export Elementor Kit from staging site using Elementor Tools
    4 Import Elementor Kit on live server
  4. Have a beer

If there are necessary or more effective procedures for the migration, I’d be grateful to know them - and also to be informed what gets “left out.” Elementor’s video is quite helpful, but I’m not sure what that means for the WPZoom stuff.

(sorry if this is covered in the documentation somewhere).

Hi @Chris22!

Usually, it’s a bit more challenging to move a website from a localhost to a live domain, but since you’ve mentioned a staging workspace, it should be easier.

When I’m developing something on a staging environment (usually in a subdomain or a folder on the same server), I move the entire folder with the WP installation to the needed location. Then I change the Site URL in wp-config.php:

Let’s say I’m building a new website on
I use FTP or CPanel’s File Manager (faster) to move the entire WP installation from my staging location to the live site location when I’m done.
After moving it, I update the Site URL in wp-config.php (link above).

To ensure there are no links anywhere pointing to the old staging address, I use this plugin to replace all instances of the old domain with the new one:

The method described above works best when you’re building a new website. If you’re redesigning an existing website, you need to be more careful when moving a WP installation in a different folder, as this might affect all media uploads on existing sites (wp-content/uploads). Also, you might need to manually sync the database in case new pages or updates are made to the content in the staging site.