Can I only show 1 chosen blog post on front page?

In my Wordpress “General Settings” I’ve set my homepage to display my latest blogs, but I only want to display one blog of my choosing (not necessarily the latest), and I’m using the widgets provided to display links to all my other posts/categories etc. Can this be done?
I’ve tried using a ‘sticky’ post but that gives me 2 posts, my sticky one and the latest one.
Any help appreciated.

Hello @geoffogilvie

You can use the following plugin to control the number of posts only on homepage:

Even thought the plugin is outdated, it works fine, and it’s safe to use it. We use it on our demos as well:

There is also another plugin which will show just 1 sticky posts on the homepage in case you have more:

Also, this plugin is outdated, but it works fine.