Change Title slider, remove bar

In the slider, I want to put several headlines and remove the white line, I want to do something like on the web: I do not have my web hanging but I leave a capture to see what I have

@Nosoy Hi,

In the example you linked to, there are multiple Slideshow posts with different videos and text.

If you want something similar, simply create more than 1 Slideshow posts.

Or if you want to have just a video but with more lines with headlines, just use the Heading block in the editor.

and this will be the result:

The white line can be removed by adding this CSS code in the Customizer > Additional CSS:

.slides > li h3:after { display: none; }

Or you can go to Customizer > Homepage Slider and disable to show the title, so you can add headings using the editor.

GREAT THX !!! :smile: