Child Theme not copying configuration

Our Gourmand theme has lots of configuration changes (colors, sizes, etc). It’s a mix of custom css (which i can manually copy over) and theme customization (which is not being copied over to the child theme). I created the child theme using the wpzoom “Install Child Theme” feature. I enabled " Copy existing Widgets, Menus and Customizer options to Child Theme?" when creating it but it doesn’t seem to be working. When I use the theme live preview it looks just like the basic theme instead of our customized one.

Is there any way to force the child theme to use the parent theme’s configuration or even manually copy those configurations over to the child theme. I’m comfortable with copying specific files or portions of files into the child theme.


Hello @TheGheeGuy

I’m not 100% sure, but from what I remember, this is a problem shown only in the Live Preview.

When activating the Child Theme, all the settings should be transferred and shown from the parent theme if that option was checked.

Try to activate the Child Theme and in this way, you will see if it works or not.

Otherwise, you can switch back to your parent theme and try a different method.

You can also create a Child Theme using this plugin:

We have some instructions in this article in the middle:

Look for “Create a Child Theme Using Child Theme Configurator Plugin (old method)”

Ok thanks so much. I’ll toss a clone into a dev environment and see what happens. I can’t have the live site get all messed up!