Custom Post Fields portfolio


At the portfolio part of the Reel theme there is the possibility to add some extra information. +

You can add Director and Year of Production. This feature is not available at other themes. For instance Inspirio. Or I cannot find it.

IS there a way to add extra fields? IS there a way to add this feature to other themes? And is there a way to use child thems, to edit the specifi portfolio php files?

Bert Deelman

@bertdeelman Hi Bert,

The feature with extra information is specific only to Reel theme.

If you want to create custom fields in other themes, I recommend you to use a dedicated plugin for that, like ACF:

Once you’ve created the needed additional details, you can create a Child Theme and displays the field with their values anywhere you want:

Here’s a tutorial to create a Child Theme:

If you need further instructions, feel free to write us here or to open a new ticket in our Support Desk.