Equipment in Recipes


I recently came across another recipes plugin for wordpress and while I found it inferior in many regards, it did have a section for adding in the equipment used in the recipe AND it linked directly to the amazon affiliates page where the user could buy the equipment (and the website creator earns some money). Is this something that could be added to Recipe Cards? I really see this as two improvments to be made:

  1. Add a equipment section to the recipe that functions like the ingredients list.
  2. Add capability to link equipment and recipes to affiliate programs.


Hi, @TheGheeGuy!

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, looks like it would be a useful addition to the plugin. I’ll pass this on to my colleagues and they will analyze the possibility of including such a feature in the upcoming updates of the plugin.


Would it also be possible to add thumbnails to the list so it would show the equipment (if thumbnail is uploaded)?

Also implementing the schema HowToTool would put you way ahead of the others.

Hey Ghee Guy, you can try tasty links in the interim: