Failed to load resource sytle.css:1

Hi there,
I am using the great Inspiro Theme and I have two “suggestions for improvement”.

  1. There is somehow a mistake in the written resource “sytle.css”. I think it has to be “style.css”. The google chrome console says the following: “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”. And also says that “…unminified/sytle.css” is blocking the rendering. I think someone’s fingers were probably too fast :wink: Maybe you could update the theme with the correct resource “style.css” :wink:

  2. Everytime there is a theme update I have to edit the “script.min.js”, because the navigation on mobile does not close after clicking on a menue point, if the page is a onepager and the different menue points are simply anchor points. Would be great if you could fix these two small things :slight_smile:

I am very very happy with that theme, it looks really beautiful and works great :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for this!!!

Best regards