Few suggestions

I just recently setup Cookely on my existing food blog and while doing so, i came across a few things that i thought might help others too.

  1. WPZoom: Recent Posts Widget - How can i exclude a category?
  2. On the homepage, how can i show posts from only one category? Basically i want to have two sets of recent posts - one from only one category and other from all category except for the one in the other block.
  3. Just like the demo, i have the tag cloud widget setup to show Categories as taxonomy. But i noticed it is not showing all the categories that have posts. Only a few is shown.
  4. If a post is tagged to multiple categories, can we add a comma or a hyphen after each category name to make it look nicer.
  5. On each category, is it possible to add a text that says “there are x posts in this category”
  6. Is it possible to hide the views from the most viewed widget and likewise most commented from the most commented widget?


Hi @praveen,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

  1. I recommend you to use a different widget that can display the latest posts and maybe have an option to exclude specific categories, as our widget doesn’t include such an option:

  2. There are several ways to do that.
    You can try to hide Recent Posts on the homepage (see Theme Options > Homepage), and then use the Featured Categories to display using them 2 blocks with posts from different categories.

Or you can exclude all categories except one in Theme Options > Recent Posts:

  1. The Tag Cloud is configured by default to show 45 categories/tags, so you need some custom code to increase that:

You can use My Custom Functions to add custom PHP code:

  1. This will be fixed in the next theme update.

  2. Can you show us a screenshot with a location where you want this to appear?

  3. Yes, this is possible by adding this CSS code in the Customizer > Additional CSS:

    .popular-recipes ol li small {
    display: none;

Thank you @Pavel

  1. Got it.
  2. I will try this. Wonder how i missed this.
  3. Great. Thank you.
  4. Adding a screenshot. At the end of the category description maybe?
  5. Thank you.

Hi Pavel - just wanted to say thanks for the code re #6 on Praveen’s list. I had the same wish to remove view counts, searched for it on here and found this thread. I put the code in and it’s worked on the Gourmand theme as well - thanks! Emma