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I have been getting some advice re SEO and was advised to do the meta description etc for my homepage. Using Yoast, I have been doing this as I go along for other pages and posts.
However, my homepage specifically - there is no option at all that I can see to do any SEO with Yoast. Unlike all my other pages and posts. The only option to edit my homepage is via Appearance > Customise > and Yoast doesn’t show here. My homepage does not show up in my list of Pages either - should it?
Any idea how I can add SEO info for my homepage please?
Many thanks

Hi Emma,

When the homepage displays your latest posts and not a static page, you can change the meta description from Yoast settings page:

Go to Yoast > Search Appearance and you will find this option there:

Many thanks Pavel, I wasn’t aware this could be accessed via that method. Thanks for your help, I have managed to update. Emma