How do I center the Logo on my home page?


I am a WordPress newbie who has just taken over modifying my websites. I did manage to add a Logo to one of my websites, but when I add the Logo it appears on the left side of the screen. I would like for it to appear in the center of my homepage. How can I do that?

Also the copyright information on my homepage is too big - not sure how to make it smaller. I apologize for being such a beginner. Any help is appreciated…

Hi @robbettis81

Can you tell us what theme you’re using or send us a link to your website?

If you’re using Videozoom theme, then you can center the logo by adding this CSS code in the Customizer > Additional CSS:

#bannerHead {
    display: none;

.navbar-brand {
    float: none;
    text-align: center;

Hi Pavel,

Thanks for the quick response! We are using the Videozoom theme. The website is our test website ( You will see a bigger Logo on the left side of the home page that need to be centered. The smaller logo with the words “Spirit of the Living God Healing Ministry” needs to be removed somehow? And if you scroll down, you will see the copyright information that need to be moved down to the row with the Terms of Service information and it needs to be made smaller. I have been watching a few videos attempting to make some of the changes but struggling as a newbie. Thanks.


Thanks a million! I was able to add the CSS code you gave to me and now the Logo is centered. I will now try to find a video that will show me how to move the Copyright information down to where my Terms of Use information is located and make it smaller. Thanks again…

@robbettis81 If you need further support with Videozoom theme, please open a support ticket in our Support Desk here: