Indigo Theme-- How to modify header area, heading sizes?

Hi everyone, just installed Indigo theme at my travel-related site, and am liking it a lot so far. However I’m no techie, and am finding myself wishing there were more “one-click” design options for customizing the theme. Can someone help me with these two incremenetal design issues before I put in a ticket?

–The logo and main nav headings are centered by default, but I’d like to change that so they justify left, as I had them in my old theme. Any easy way to do this?

–I find the H4, H5 and H6 tags a bit too small. Any way to change this in the theme easily?

–Does anyone know of an easy way to create a “sign up for my newsletter” box on the sidebar without having to install yet another plugin? My old theme had a newsletter sign up box baked into it, and I’m missing it.

Thanks so much for any insight!

I think we already replied to you from our support ticket. If you need any additional help, please create new tickets on our support.

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