Insight Theme - Include instead of Exclude in Recent Posts Section

Hi All, New to the forums. I tried to search for this but I haven’t found anything.
I have insight theme installed (no the FSE but the older version).
Between the Homepage widgets and the footer, there’s a section controlled in the admin under WPZOOM->Theme Options->Homepage-> Recent Posts. There’s an option to exclude certain categories. My goal is to use this section to highlight items in a “Featured Posts” category. I like the grid and style of this section. Members of this category will switch out over time as I need them. However, these posts are also in other categories so if I exclude all categories other than “Featured Posts” they also get excluded.

Is there a way to have this section switch to a “Include Only” categories (or category) instead of Exclude Categories?
I’m happy to try and clarify this issue further.
Thanks in advance.