Inspiro homepage widgets.... how to get a two column section full width?

Have inspiro premium… am trying to set up homepage (widgetised) and am trying to reproduce part what i have on another site running inspiro lite…

On one already made template page there is an “about section… two columns… text on left and image on right… sitting on a grey background”… running full width

I’ve played but failed in widgets such as “single page” and “html”
In the single page I get the layout but its too narrow.
In the html its a bit wider…but I dont know how to add grey bg full width

Is there a way, anyone knows?

[just for info]
Couldn,t resolve show stopper in widget page (very good option otherwise)… Soooo solved front page layout choice, by creating with elementor option (keeping inspiro header & footer)

2 sections on front page resolved as two-column rows are “about” & “shop”
happy with results:

Options offered in inspiro seem excellent… some have benefits, some have limitations.
still building / tweeking / breaking / fixing / … learning!