Inspiro Pop Ups

On my site, when I click on certain items (the pictures in the image gallery or the logo on the menu at the top) it opens a popup inside the window that you have to exit from- which contains the page the thing I clicked links to. I have tried both options for “open in new window” and not for the image gallery, and it still doesn’t always work. And I am at a total loss of how to do even do that for the logo at the top of the page.

For reference the site is:

If I could get some help to seee how to remove this from happening so it just loads the page I click, that would be great.


I think that this is caused by a plugin installed on your website. Most probably, it’s NextGen Gallery plugin. I think you configured it to enable the lightbox feature on all images with a link.

Can you try to deactivate it and see if this fixes the problem?

NexGen Gallery has some settings in the page “Other Options > Lightbox Effects”, so try to look there, maybe you can configure it to not affect other images.

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This worked perfectly. Thanks.