INSPIRO THEME and 'Hero Area on the Homepage' option

Hi, I have a problem with the Inspiro theme and free wpzoom version. when I activate “Hero Area on the Homepage” with an mp4 video it is not displayed with any browser, not on opera, not on firefox, not on microsoft edge, not on safari or on safari iphone!! Only active and visible on “admin mode”. I have the still image selected below instead. What can I do ? thank you

Hi, @DGM

Does this happen even after you publish the changes? What is the link to the .mp4 file?

Hi, no, it happen when log-out from the wordpress-admin mode. If i publish a mp4 from my folder or vimeo link, it’s the same thing !

@DGM we need at least the link to your website in order to check this issue.

@DGM please contact us and we’ll try to look into this issue directly on your website.