Inspiro Theme "menu" not working

Happy new year all.

We have used the Inspiro theme for a while now with success, but recently it’s been behaving strangely with the “Menu”. First the white font on the menu items wasn’t appearing, making seem like a blank menu. Now the menu isn’t working at all. Is anyone else experiencing these problems? Any suggestions on what’s happening?

We are using the free Inspiro Theme version 1.8.4 and our site is


I’ve been having a similar problem. The main menu suddenly its not showing any items.
The navbar is there but it is empty.

Using the free version of Inspiro aswell, version 1.8.4.

Not entirely sure, but today’s Gutenberg plugin update appears to make the menu work now, but the white font color of the menu still doesn’t show up. Rather, the menu items appear in black font color, making the menu appearing to show a blank menu. Some incompatibility between this theme and Gutenberg?

Does anyone know how to change the drop-down menu font color?
For example, the menu is black, how can I change the menu item color to green?