Let's get to know each other better!

This is must topic for every forum, right?

I think it would be great if everyone could introduce themselves and say hello.

For example:

For how long you’re a WPZOOM customer or use our products?

When did you started to use WordPress and what’s your level of knowing it (Beginner / Intermediate / Expert)?

Where do you live, what do you do, etc.?

Anything else you think it would be interesting to know about you.

Since I started this, I’ll be the first one:

  1. I’m a WPZOOM customer since 2008 or 2009. I don’t remember exactly. (just kidding) :slight_smile:

  2. For those who haven’t meet me yet on our support desk or Facebook group, my name is Pavel Ciorici and I’ve founded WPZOOM in 2008.

I like to consider myself a WordPress developer and designer, even though I’m not good at all at writing coding (except CSS), however I like very much to design themes. Sometimes, I wish I’d had more time to design themes, instead of doing administrative tasks here at WPZOOM.

I’m from :moldova:Moldova, a tiny and beautiful country in Eastern Europe knowing for its great :wine_glass:wines, but in 2018 I moved with my wife and 2 kids in Amsterdam. If you’re from The Netherlands too, it could be great to connect :netherlands::beer:

Happy to answer to any other questions here :slight_smile:

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I have been using WPZOOM for just over a year now. Wouldn’t go anywhere else now! I’m an intermediate user of wordpress, but trying to learn a lot more. The guys here must get annoyed with all the tickets I raise!

I am a self-employed designer based in Bristol, UK. I used to work in media departments for a couple of football clubs in England before starting up my own business in 2016.

My website is www.jrhmedia.co.uk where you can see a bit of my work etc.



Welcome on the forum, James :raised_hands:

*Going back to check your open support tickets :smiley:

Hi, everyone! :wave:

I’m Ina and I’ve been working at WPZOOM for a bit more than 3 years and it’s been great. I’ve been employed as a graphic designer, to steal Pavel’s bread :grinning: but during the period I’ve worked here, I discovered that I like communicating with our customers and helping them. That is, I also do pre-sale support and manage our community. Sometimes I write blog posts, maybe some of you have read them. Anyway, my job is pretty eclectic and it fits my personality :upside_down_face:

I’m based in Moldova :moldova: and work from an awesome attic office with my colleagues. Moldova HQ, as we call it :smile: Yep, this is where the magic happens.

Nice to meet you all! :metal:

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I’ve been a WPZOOM customer since May 19 of this year. I am a long-time user of WordPress, but not a web designer, coder, or engineer. I am an artist and I value the ability to quickly and easily have a lovely website that showcases my work and helps me get jobs, that isn’t difficult to set up. :sunglasses:

I first purchased Reel and have been very pleased, but wanted something a bit prettier and found Inspiro which seems like Reel on steroids! I am enjoying the themes very much, and they are very easy to customize and maintain. My site is streamlined as I no longer need a lot of plugins to do what these themes can accomplish natively. Also, the WPZOOM people are very nice and their support has been friendly and painless. :blush:

I am a cinematographer, filmmaker, and photographer, based in Texas, USA. My work is displayed beautifully by the Inspiro theme. :movie_camera::clapper:

My website is https://www.jasonrjohnston.com


Hey @jasonrjohnston!

Welcome on our forum, and I’m really happy to hear such kind words about our themes and our team!

It means a lot to us that you appreciate our good work, and it seems that you managed to create a beautiful portfolio using our themes.

I see that you’ve purchased Inspiro 2 days ago and your website is already up and working :slight_smile: I guess it was pretty easy to switch from Reel to Inspiro.

Thanks again for kind words, and keep up the good work! You have a very impressive portfolio :clap:t2:

Thank you for the kind words @Pavel

It was very easy switching to Inspiro. I literally only needed to activate the theme and it worked. Your Portfolio system kept everything where it was supposed to be. I’ve since been busy sweetening and customizing the theme for my needs and style, and I’ve also been discovering and playing with the extra options Inspiro has. I also appreciate the navigation bar’s transparent background which is the main reason I switched from Reel.

Keep up the good work!


I am a new customer of WPZoom. I have been running a food blog since 2008 and recently we decided to change the theme. And after much search, narrowed down to Cookely and here i am.

I am a digital marketing strategist helping companies succeed with their digital initiatives. I am from Chennai, India.


Welcome on our forum, @praveen!

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Dear Pavel,
Love that you have made this forum! And compliments on its beautiful appearance and smooth functionality…

I have been a WPZoom customer for nearly 10 years and would not go anywhere else. I direct all my clients and colleagues here. The reason? Because you have the best product, the best support and you clearly love what you do. It makes for a great all around experience!

Your product just gets better and better!

Thanks for the forum and keep up the excellent work!


@Fionn Welcome on our forum!

Thanks a lot for kind words and continuous support :hugs: