Menu location doesn't exist for multilingual site

Hi there!

First of all, congratulation for your great work guys! Your themes look amazing!

I have created a website with 2 languages (English and Greek) using the Polylang plugin. The standard approach for menus when using such plugins (WPML does this as well) is to create one menu per language and then assign each menu to each own location. Locations are automatically duplicated for each new language when the plugin is set up.

I am using Inspiro Lite theme and the locations for my 2 languages are the following: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (doubled since I have 2 languages).

While the locations are properly created and the menus properly assigned, there seems to be a problem when I display the menu in the Primary location of the second language.

It seems like the English location doesn’t exist!

For the default language which is greek, the menu appears perfectly.

Is this a problem with the theme? Maybe something missing for multilingual support?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @g_georgop

There is just a menu registered in the Inspiro Lite theme:

'primary' => __( 'Main Menu', 'inspiro' ),

Maybe you’re using a different theme or made some changes to the theme?

Hello @Pavel !

Apologies… I am using Inspiro Blocks theme. I haven’t made any changes!

Inspiro Blocks is a block theme, so I imagine that the process of translating such a theme is different than translating classic themes: