My recipe rich snippets have disappeared from google

Good afternoon! I’ve been using this plugin for a couple of years to generate my recipe rich snippets. All of them were well positioned in google, however for a week all my rich results have disappeared from google. I have tried the google search console tool to check it and it tells me that there are no recipe rich snippets on my web page. The plugin and theme (foodica) are up to date and do not generate errors. What can be the fault? Regards, and thank you very much.

¿Anyone knows what can u do? Thanks

@Poesiadefogon Hello,

What is your website address?

Maybe this solution helps:

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My website adress is
Thanks for the link, but i was reading the answers and i have a different issue.
My web dont reflect rich snippet result in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. This problem started 2 weeks ago and i cant understand why. Seems the plugin is working correctly, but all my rich snippets dissapeared from google. I hope you can help me, thanks for all.

Actually, you’re having the same issue from that topic I linked to:

Until a recent update of our plugin, the markup was also declared when individual recipe blocks were added in a post. So if our plugin detected that you have added blocks like Directions, Ingredients, and Recipe Details, then it would register the markup automatically.

However, this created some issues on many websites as the Structured Data was incomplete and it was causing more problems than benefits. That’s why we decided to register the markup only when the Recipe Card Block ( block is inserted in a post.

Please check, maybe you have some old recipes where you haven’t added this block. I recommend you replace individual recipe blocks with Recipe Card Block ( block.

If you use individual blocks like Ingredients, Directions, then the markup will not be generated for that recipe.