Opening Reel Portfolio Videos in Lightbox

Hi Folks,

Steve here from the UK - please forgive the novice nature of this question, I’m not a web designer but I’m using this period of isolation to make myself a website for my video services and I’m stuck on one small detail.

I purchased the Reel theme, and I love it, it has everything I want, all good so far.

In Beaver Builder I selected to open the videos in Lightbox by clicking the entire thumbnail. However, if I click the very edges of the thumbnail, or the text under the thumbnail, it opens in a separate page.

How do I stop it doing this?

I’d prefer the text to either do nothing or open the video in lightbox. I want to keep everything on just one page, so I have no need for the separate pages.

Anywayz, here’s the web address

Thanks everso…

All the best,