Page style isn't copied on translated pages

Hi I tried to make my site bilangual.
I used WPML to translate my pages.
There is however a problem:
The Style of the original page is not the same on the translated pages.
Font, colors, margins, … are all different.
My website:
Original language: ENGLISH
Translated to: DUTCH
Theme of my page is FOODICA
I use Elementor to create my pages.

For 2 days I am trying to find a solution. I tried copying the main page and changing it. I searched the forum for similar topics and tried changing some specs, but still the style isn’t changed.
When I open the translated pages with elementor, the style is perfect. But when I publish, non of it is visual.
See the style on my homepage in ENGLISH (original) and DUTCH
See printscreen of the DUTCH homepage in ELEMENTOR. Here everything seems correct.!
Translated page in dutch in ELEMENTOR.PNG|690x425

What can be the solution to my problem?