Portfolio shows actual entry twice

Hello everybody,
since I created several portfolio items and thus the “Load more” button appears, the oldest item is replaced by the newest one. Thus, the newest item appears twice in the portfolio. If I increase the number of items to be displayed before the button should appear, everything is correct again. What can be the reason?

Best regards

Hi @Sidney

Are you using the free version of the plugin? Is your plugin updated to the latest version?
What is the address of your website?

Hi @Pavel

thank you for your answer. Yes, I’m using the free version and yes the plugin is up to date. The Adress is https://photoart.krea-tief.com
It’s not on the portfolio section at main page, it’s on the portfolio-Page. But I increased the numbers of items, because my visitors schould see every of the items and none double

Did you make changes to the order of items? If so, could you try to Reset the Order and try to re-order items again?

No, i haven’t changed the order. it’s sorted by the date I set the items online. I changed the order and reset it. Now it works o.O Thank you so so much!