Prescence for motels and BB

I am building a couple of motel sites - does presence integrate with Beaver Builder well? Would you recommend it for motels or do you have any other suggestions? Do you have any examples of motels using wpzoom? many thanks, Colin

@ColinT Hi!

Yes, you can use Beaver Builder with Presence theme without any problems.

Currently, Presence theme recommends a different page builder - Unyson, but since this is an outdated plugin already, we plan soon to update the theme and switch to Beaver Builder.

Presence theme is a great choice for a motel or hotel website.

Here’s an example of a hotel website that uses Presence:

Here’s something similar to a hotel website, but uses Presence theme with many custom changes:

Many of our customers are also using our Inspiro theme for hotel websites:

This theme also includes a hotel demo:

Here’s another hotel website created using our Delicio theme (for restaurants):

Pavel - Thanks for that reply - love your work - I will definately be renewing my subscription - great value and great themes!!

I am very pleased that you are always continuing to improve and update - this is a good forum to get ideas and avoid pitfalls.

I have just started to get into BB - saw your pic with the boys at the conference.

best wishes Colin

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