Recipe Card Blocks vs. WP Recipe Maker: Which is better?

Hi everyone:

Has anyone used both Recipe Card Blocks by WPZoom and also WP Recipe Maker by Bootstrapped ventures? What are some pros and cons about the plugins?

I currently use Recipe Maker but I’m considering switching over to Recipe Card Blocks Pro but I can’t find much information about it online.


Hi, @fluentfoodie!

We have a post where features from both plugins are compared:

Maybe this will help you make a decision. Let me know in case you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hey Sarah,

Thought I would chime in because this is what I use for my blog. and I think it is a very underrated option at the moment.

I have tried Tasty Recipes and WP Recipe maker too but I’ve opted for Recipe Card Blocks as my plugin of choice.

It is really aesthetically pleasing and has lots of customisation options. It is a very clean and neat looking recipe card that manages to be pretty without taking away from the content - the recipe. There is a nice section at the bottom to add your social call to actions too and I think this is the nicest offered of all the recipe plugins out there. It comes with a nutrition block too, I have to say I do not use this because I use a calculator that generates the label for me too but it is very handy if you include nutrition in your recipes.

It is really straight forward to use as well, you can add food labels like sugar-free with just a click of a button. It is easy to bulk add your ingredients and methods as you would expect.

When you are editing the block, you have the option on your post editor to toggle on and off a lot of fields, like the ones that say calories, servings, course, author name etc

Overall, I really recommend it. It also nice because it looks different to what you see on every other recipe site! You can check out my site if you want to see it in action:

and on this recipe, I use the “food labels” like gluten-free etc which I like to do where possible!


I also forgot to add the support is VERY good Sarah. I always get replies within 24hours and I’ve made mistakes that are my fault but the team has been happy to fix for me :slight_smile: