Recipe images have steps printed over the images

I am using foodica and the WP Premium recipe card. When I add images to a step, the image appears with words from the next stop over the top of it.

You can see this at the following URL

This happens every time I try to add images to the steps.

Hello @Cindy,

First of all, we are sorry that you have such a problem with our plugin, but now we will try to fix it by doing the following steps:

  1. Please update the plugin to the latest version 2.9.0 which comes with multiple fixes and improvements to our plugin
  2. If you use only one image per step, we recommend to add single image instead to use gallery for that. You can view the image button besides the trash icon (take a look to the attachment below)
  3. Try to fix the issue with Google Ads on your website, this may cause a properly work of the other scripts on the page. I found solution here for you

THANKS- updating the recipe card made it work!