Recipe plugin Schema is good for SEO?

I’m wondering if the text included in the recipe card done with is considered for SEO. Because the words in it are not counted in the total number of the page words count.
Is the recipe card SEO friendly?

Hi @Marta!

Indeed, Yoast SEO cannot recognize text inside our block or other custom blocks from other plugins.

However, you shouldn’t be worried, as this doesn’t affect your SEO at all, and search engines like Google will be able to see all the text you add without any problems.

This is just a problem shown only in the Yoast text analyzer, but since the text appears without any problems in the article, it will be visible by search engines.

Our recommendation is to try to add as much text as possible outside the recipe block and keep in it details like cooking time, ingredients, and directions.

You can also use the following Content Analysis from Yoast’s website and insert in it all the content from your articles to be able to scan everything and get better recommendations: