Recipe Plugin very slow?

Hey. I have been using the pro recipe plugin for a while now. It is my favourite plugin for recipes because it is so nice aesthetically and has lots of options.

I have been finding that when I’m adding details even by bulk the response is really slow and laggy. I saw that closing the styles options can help so I usually switch it to the Yoast tab but it is still slow.

Is there any way to get around this or could it be an issue on my end?

My website is

Hello @Sky

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, now we’re working to improve plugin performance and speed. We will soon launch a new update that will include this.

It’s not an issue on your end, this is caused because of complexity of block.

Best regards

Hey @vicolaspetru

Thanks for the response! I’m just glad to know it’s not just me and I’ll wait patiently for the update!

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: