Scaling recipes in Gourmand

Hey everyone,

I’m a food blogger and I’ve been customizing the gourmand theme and have the following recommendation on the recipe scaling feature in the recipe card plug-in.

I believe as is its allows for a poor user experience especially if the user is an inexperienced cook. for example, I scaled a measurement from a 1/4 cup… and when scaled the measurements are now in decimals (.30). I hope you can see how this would be confusing for the user because now they have to figure out what .30 is. I believe having the results in whole numbers and fractions would be easier for the user to understand and provide a better user experience - which is what we all want.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot from my website and another from a website (a pinch of yum) that I believe is doing it right. I truly hope you will consider this for your next upgrade.

Gourmand examples

pinch of yum

hey, @Brownsugar7210

Thanks for the suggestions! I passed your feedback to our dev team and they’ll see what can be done in this case.

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