SiteMap HTML, Foodica theme

How to make a sitemap in HTML
I tried to make a new page template by rewriting the available templates, but failed.
I would like to have a similar effect as in the attached photo.
I’d like to make a map of pages, posts by category, and authors


You can do this using the Page List and Posts List blocks:

Similar blocks for Categories can also be found in the block editor.

Thank you for answering
Indeed, for the pages and for the categories themselves, the map made by wordpres looks great (photo 1).
However, it looks bad for posts - font too large, entries too far apart. It looks a bit like a blog page than a map of posts (photo 2)
Is it possible to make a map of posts divided into categories and hierarchy of posts? - example in photo 3 “post map”.

@nylecm I checked your page and it looks like you’ve figured it out:

Yes i made a list of pages and a list of categories.
However, I wanted to make a list of posts divided into categories. Just like in this photo.

I would like an effect like here but without the use of additional plugins

@nylecm If you don’t want to use a plugin, you’d have to create the list manually and then create the formatting with custom CSS code.