Structured Data Fields

I’m currently building a website using the Recipe Card Blocks plug in (which is amazing!). I’ve started posting recipes and checking the structured data that’s built in to the plugin. Almost all of it makes it super easy to work with except for the servings data. For some reason WPZOOM lists servings under “nutrition” instead of “recipeYeilds”.

This breaks several recipe sites when I try to post them. Is there anyway the recipeYeilds field can be added?


@twostar Hi,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

I believe that both methods are correct, but we’ll definitely do our own research and make the appropriate changes if necessary in future plugin updates.

Thanks so much!

Second request, as we’ve been building out our recipe database, we’ve come across more and more recipes that have more than just prep and cooking time. Is there a way to add total time to the card? We’ve got quite a few recipes that need to sit for between an hour and 24 hours. It doesn’t fit within prep or cooking time since prep is usually active work before heat.

Just a thought! Thanks again!


First of all, I’m glad to see that you’ve like our Recipe Card Plugin :raised_hands:

So, about Total Time, I’ll do some improvements to allow the users add custom value for this field. At the moment it’s calculated by the sum of prep time with cook time which in some cases it doesn’t fit as you mentioned above.

Stay closer for next update :soon:

Awesome updates! We’re loving it. We happened to be looking to add videos as well and you guys just added it too!

Thanks a million!