Why are Ad Blockers blocking fonts in Gourmand Theme?

I’ve posted about this previously here and here. I’d really like someone to explain to me what’s going on.

I’m using the Bungee Font supplied by the Gourmand Theme. As shown below.

On my iPhone, the Safari Extension “Ad Guard” is blocking this font. Specifically, the Privacy blocker. When I turn this option off, my website fonts load properly. Shown here [imgur dot com/4Rfcbry] (since I can’t embed more than one item or include more than 2 links)

What’s going on with the fonts supplied by WPZoom and why is Ad Guard blocking them when Privacy blocking is enabled?

Hi, @anthony

This issue is more related to the extension you use, rather than our theme. It’s possible that the extension is blocking Google Fonts by default. You should contact their support team and ask for a solution. As you may understand, this is happening locally on your devices and is influenced by AdGuard.

Thanks for the response Ina. Is there a way to not use Google fonts? I’m actually in the process of removing all Google elements from my site but wasn’t aware the theme fonts were from Google.

This would explain why I’m still seeing Google trackers on my site after uninstalling all Google plugins.